Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sabbath Sanctuary: Be Thankful And Rest

And now the gift of drifting snow, Wind-sculpted beauty. Cold Comfort (not all His gifts are cozy) invites entrance into a season of austere. Eugene Peterson, Snow, Holy Luck
Colorado is cold and snowy today, but the psalmist refers to both natural and spiritual winter. Rest in the Sabbath of God this weekend, and be assured that when it is cold and dark, God will send forth one Word and melt it all away.
Be thankful this Sabbath rest for even the seemingly small thing. The snow; the cold…yes, be thankful for it all. God always works out His good in us through the cold, dark seasons. Know that He will melt it away. Your thankfulness to Him will grant to you a most restful Sabbath.
In the expiring sun, we squint through the Narrow Gate: the candle flames; we lift our glasses, l’chaim, “to Life!” Eugene Peterson Snow, Holy Luck

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