Wednesday, February 6, 2013

When Hearts Bleed

As I walk through the earth I see the wounded; beaten, bruised, disappointed by the church
When hearts bleed, your brothers, your sisters, their blood cries out to Me from the earth
Why do you take the Cross of Christ in vain, and put the fallen on the Cross in my place?
My heart breaks from tears shed by hearts that bleed; they will feel the peace of My embrace

When hearts bleed I bleed
When hearts bleed I bleed

When hearts break Mine breaks…

I will take the heart that bleeds, I will wash it and repair it and give tender-loving care
I will hold the heart that bleeds and wash her in My Mercy and Grace and I will restore
I will massage that heart with My healing balm of Gilead and bring it back to life and heal
I will lead her into solitude and there I will speak to her heart, gentle words of comfort and peace

When hearts bleed
When hearts bleed

When they cry out to Me, do you not think I will answer when they call?
I will be their Refuge, and Strong Tower, I will come-I Am their All in All
Have I not poured out Mercy and Grace when your life took a hard blow?
Though your sins were scarlet, by the Blood of My Son they are white as snow

Cease fighting each other, remember who the true enemy is—that one that accuses
Flesh and blood is not the enemy—why do you eat your own? They need serve no penance
My Grace is sufficient to cover a multitude of sin, I freely give with true repentance

When hearts bleed
When hearts bleed

Pick up the cordial of healing and touch it to the hearts that bleed and restore the land
I Am one with My Bride and She with Me…I need My whole Bride and My Bride whole
Restore. Heal. Nurture. Care. Hold. Love…Love, when hearts bleed.

 I will lead her into solitude and there I will speak to her heart.  Hosea 2:14

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