Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Purim Poem

I raised up My daughter fair, deep dark eyes, long flowing hair
To attract a king who signed a decree to destroy My people
He was deceived by one who would plan and plot and prepare
He would have them destroyed and erased from the earth

She was an orphan living in exile, none would give her a glance
I raised her up to be one who fasts and prays for what touches My heart
I ordained her days to win his heart, she was not in the palace by chance
She was purposed to fulfill her role as queen and to take her part

I have raised you up to be a people who fast and pray and to be one
Who will seek what is on My heart and to intervene for the perishing
For the Evil One has a mandate to deceive the lost and the alone
He is relentless in his pursuit to destroy by planning and conniving
But I will thwart his plans when My people rise up to pray

He has marked My people Israel and My grafted branch
Perhaps you are ordained for such a time as this
I will rise and fight, he does not stand a chance
When My people intercede and cry out for justice

Do not take this battle lightly or believe that it will pass
If you are quiet, for deliverance will rise but you will expire
I have called you to this time and for your sword to grasp
And wield it on the enemy for My Word makes him a liar
He will cower in despair

Rise up My people we are in such volatile times
I hear the cry of many but see the sword of few
You must remain vigilant and lay passivity aside
I will answer when you call to defeat the minions
They are no match for the thousands of angelic legions

Rise up for such a time as this, pray, fast, intercede
For the lost, hurting, and perishing and those marked
For annihilation from the face of the earth
The enemy is on the move he knows his time is short
He has already been defeated he and all his cohorts

My people shall arise their swords wielding in their hand
By the Blood of Jesus and their testimony they will take a stand
Watch Me move on your behalf when you prepare for battle
You will see the enemy defeated and take back your land

…Answer the call…for such a time as this…

Piper Green
© 2015

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