About Piper

Why do I Write?
This is my journal where I dabble in ink and write from my heart about the Word of God. I love the Word and I pray my musings ignite a hunger in those who read them, and that they too will fall in love with His Word. This is my daily prayer: May my heart burn within me as you open up the Scriptures to me Luke 24:32. I long to know God deeper through my writings and expositions. I find the Bible to be true and living, and that it ignites a fire even in the coldest heart. 

“That is why it is so urgent to revive the strong angel’s command to St. John. If we want to keep our identity, if we want a text to live by that keeps us in the company of God’s people, keeps us conversant with who he is and the way he works, we simply must eat this book.” Eugene Peterson

About Piper:
I am a seminarian; I earned an M.Div. in theology from Liberty University Rawlings School of Divinity, and a Master of Arts in Apologetics from Houston Baptist University. I am currently pursuing a doctoral degree from Rawlings School of Divinity as well. The academic life is a passion of mine. It is one way in which I seek to love God will all my mind (Matt. 22:37). 

I am a writer and teacher; I study the Word of God, not to master the text, as Eugene Peterson writes, but to submit to it as it is given to us. I am a perpetual student, not only for bookish study but for Christ to be formed in me.  I want Christ, the Word made flesh, to become a part of me—I don’t want to know more; I want to become more. When Christ speaks, He brings order to my cosmos.

In my seminary journey, I fell in love with theology. I love the poetry and prose of the Old Testament—Jesus revealed on each page, in each life encountered. 

I am a devourer of books. I own a growing collection of old and antique books. I love the old, dusty feel, and I try to imagine the history of each one. The hands that have carried and cradled them, read them, and loved them. I love all books, though I must confess I am slow to warm up to the digital age of books. I have to hold a book in my hand for the reasons mused above. I love writing in the margins and doodling on its pages. I pray that when one comes upon one of my books many moons from now, that they will know me a little bit by the markings on the pages. I love literary classics, Lewis, Tolkien, Austen, and the like. Most of my time is spent reading the Word or books that help me grasp the Word. I want the Word to impregnate my soul and spirit, to run through my blood, and permeate my bones to the very marrow.

My Musings:
I have penned a book, A Life That Sings: FindingYour Song in the Midst of Brokenness. In it, I discover some incredible lives in the Word to unearth how they found their song in the midst of crazy, and chaotic circumstances. God revealed Himself to each life, redeemed them, and sang the song of redemption over them (Zeph. 3:17). In the midst of their pain and brokenness, God showered His grace and encouraged and strengthened them. For every problem, God has a promise. He has a purpose and plan for each of His children, and He will not leave us or forsake us. Even when we are right in the middle of horrible circumstances, and we feel as though the music has been erased clean from our soul, and we can barely muster a prayer. But God, in all His love, searches for His children. He will reveal Himself in our pain and speak into our lives to give us hope. 

You can also find my scribbles on Christian Women Online Magazine, a beautiful community of strong, faithful, and God-loving women. 

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