Monday, December 7, 2020

God Was In Christ: An Advent Reading Of Luke 7

 Day 7 Luke Chapter 7

 For this reason I say to you, her sins, which are many, have been forgiven, for she loved much; but he who is forgiven little, loves little” (v.47 NASB).

The contrast too stark to ignore. A Pharisee and a harlot. The Pharisee is self-righteous, the harlot is self-loathing. She recognizes her sins and grasps her need for cleansing and forgiveness. The Pharisee only recognized that he is much more righteous than she. Surely, if Jesus truly was a prophet, He would not let this woman touch Him. The lesson that Jesus teaches in this passage is that it is not our outward pretensions, but the inner motives of our heart that matters to Him. He loved both very much; only one displayed her love for Him. Those who have been forgiven much loves much. 

“In Jesus’ day, it was customary to show respect to a guest, to wash their feet. Simon merely brought Him home to interrogate Him. This woman—this harlot, loved Jesus so much, and she knew He alone could deliver her from the prison she was in. She swallowed all pride, humbled herself in front of the prominent crowd of important religious leaders, and surrendered to Him. Simon did nothing for Him… Do we want to have an intellectual, religious acquaintance with Jesus, or do we want more? Are we willing to push through every barrier that is in our way, surrender our sin and our lives to Jesus, pouring the fragrance of worship upon Him?... Jesus…such love, such mercy, never condoning sin, yet never condemning those in bondage to it—but setting them free to sin no more. Because of her act of worship, her life sings a glorious tune. One that sing’s redemption’s song, calling others in bondage to sin to come to the feet of Jesus to be forgiven and restored.”[1]

This is what Advent is about. That silent night, in a stable in Bethlehem, the Son of God came to redeem the lost—those captives to sin. Each and every one of us needs this redemption. Will we acknowledge our fallenness and realize how much He has given us and love Him much in return?

The Master is at Simon’s house I overheard them say

My heart leaped within me I must get to Him someway

All I have to my name is this alabaster vile

Do I dare to touch Him surely I will defile


I hear their growls and feel their scorn they fill me with such fear

Their faces though are hidden through my many, many tears

I wipe my eyes and look for Him, He’s reclining at the table

I’ve got to make it to Him I don’t know that I am able


I cannot stop my heart it is beating so very fast

But as His eyes catch mine all things are in my past

I see such love and grace flowing from His eyes

Like a breath of fresh air they are but my demise


I fall down helpless and pour this perfume on His feet

The fragrance has filled the room the aroma is so sweet

But nothing seems worthy to pour upon these precious feet

What Grace He has given me all my sins forgiven

I have never had such grace from the Sanhedrin

So much love from Him I cannot pull myself apart

I cling to Him for my very life I have given Him my heart

I hear His voice the sound is so peaceful and forgiving

I will get up from here and change the way that I am living[2]

© 2007 Piper Green

[1] Piper Green, A Life That Sings: Finding Your Song In The Midst Of Brokenness (Bloomington: Westbow Press., 2014), 132-33. (revised)

[2] Ibid., 127.

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