Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Advent Journal Day X: My Peace I Give To You

I Give You My Peace

I have sent you a sign from an open heaven above
Descended upon My Beloved Son, My Spirit like a dove
A sign to remind you of My comfort and My Peace
When you are anxious and overwhelmed to put you at ease

When you're weary and burdened remember what I have shown
I Am meek and lowly of heart, My Peace I give for My very own
When life is hurried remember this is not how it is to be
I give you My Peace so you stop to love and worship me

My Father sent the dove to show Me His great pleasure
And now this gift I give to you, you’re My beloved treasure
A gift of love and gentleness a symbol of the Holy Spirit
He is the comforter and His lamp is filled with oil forever lit

When you need My peace and My comfort remember the dove
I give you my Peace, I give you my Joy, and I give you my Love

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