Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Advent Journal Day XXIV: A Sonnet

The Story of Love: Displayed In A Manger.

On day six I created man, formed him in My Image
I breathed into him My Living Breath of heaven
In perfect koinonia we lived in Peace and Love
Then the Deceiver came; koinonia broken; Garden breached

My Love for humanity, My fallen ones, was not swayed
Judgment came to all that day, yet My Love displayed
In a Promise the heel is bruised yet He will crush the head
Through his seed redemption shall come; blessing for all the earth 
Redemption ordained before the world began; My Love eternal
A shoot from the stem of Jesse, a branch from his roots bearing fruit 
A star from Jacob, scepter from Israel, governor in Judah, pre-existing One
Majestic in holiness, Awesome in praises, and working wonders

The Greatest Gift, humility and Love, displayed in a manger;
Holy Cradle, God Incarnate, Love Divine, A Child born, a Son given
Immanuel God with us, The LORD your God tabernacled among you
 Son of God, Son of Man, God in the flesh; Wonderful and Mighty

The Love of The Eternal Father manifest in His Son, His Throne is forever
Filled with the zeal of the Lord, from swaddling cloth to Crimson cloak
His Love provided the Ram for a dark and dying world, propitiation made
—Garden restored.

© Piper Green, 2016

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